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Music has nonverbal, creative, structural and emotional qualities, used in the therapeutic relationship to facilitate  contact, interaction, self-awareness, learning, self-expression, communication and personal development.
(Canadian Association for Music Therapy)

Music is widely used to promote a sense of well-being and to distract patients from pain and other unpleasant symptoms, thoughts and feelings.
Music helps to improve mood and decrease anxiety, as well as decrease the pain associated with surgery, medical procedures and chronic conditions. 
Music may help premature babies to gain weight more quickly. 
Music may enhance care-giving behavior.                          

(Southern Medical Association)

​​As an entertainer, Paul sees the power of music at each performance.  "We are all touched by music and in some cases working with a certified music therapist can be useful."  For more information about music therapy, visit (

Music is Elemental - Universal - Instinctive - Therapeutic 

Paul Bradbury entertains with songs & stories of younger days.  With his enchanting  wife Valerie,  the two look forward to again making approved occasions in Canada and Jamaica memories to cherish.

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"Thank you for bringing back so many memories!"
"You put on a fantastic show" ... We love your showmanship!  You're a pro and you make the evening a fun one."
"Thanks a million for keeping us all entertained!  You were amazing!"
"I am aware of how well you play various musical instruments, but had forgotten how well you sing" 

Singalong Videos

The Tune Doctors

Paul's music & lyrics scored a 1974 theatre production (Professor Fuddle's Fantastic Fairy Tale Machine).  


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